Suppliers of hay, straw, haylage, silage and contract baling

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R Coverdale supply straw, hay, haylage and silage in quadrant and round bales.

R Coverdale are members of the British Hay & Straw Merchants Association

R Coverdale are members of the British Hay & Straw Merchants Association

Straw, Hay & Forage

To ensure top quality bales of straw, hay, haylage and silage, we undertake most of the baling ourselves using our own quadrant and round balers all driven by experienced operators, moisture levels are monitored during the baling process and bales removed from fields into storage promptly to ensure a quality product. Alternatively we can deliver direct from the field to the purchaser using our own wagon and drag.

All hay is barn stored and straw is either barn stored or stacked under specialist sheeting imported for this purpose from Canada. Most of our straw is baled in 120cm x 70cm quadrant bales or round bales of either 4 or 5 foot diameter. Other sized bales eg. 90cm x 80cm, 120cm x 90cm and 120 x 130cm can be sourced on request.

We usually have barley, wheat, oat and oilseed rape straw on stock. Hay, haylage and baled silage is available in various sizes of round and square bales. We are always interested in purchasing good quality, straw, hay, haylage, baled silage and other forage products, with prompt payment for goods purchased.