Suppliers of hay, straw, haylage, silage and contract baling

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About R Coverdale & Sons, suppliers of hay, straw, haylage and silage

About Us

R Coverdale & Sons is a family firm that was founded by Raymond Coverdale in 1959. He was joined by sons John and Chris in the early 1980’s. Today the business is managed by John and Chris with the full time help of Chris’s stepson Robert. Extra staff are employed at peak times, all of whom are experienced agricultural workers who return to work for us each year.

Based at Woodhouse Farm Flixton, we currently farm in excess of 500 acres, growing grass, cereal crops and potatoes. We also run a beef herd of about 300 head and fatten 2000 bacon pigs per year on a bed and breakfast system for a local breeder. Along side the farming business we run a contract baling and wrapping business, a haulage business and have for sale straw, hay, silage, haylage and other forage products.

We specialise in:-

  • Straw for sale – barley, wheat, oat and oilseed rape straw, available in square, quadrant, round and small bales, suitable for horses, cattle, sheep and goats. Also composting straw is available.
  • We are always looking to purchase straw ex field at harvest, baled or in the swath. Prompt payment guaranteed!
  • Hay for sale– bales of hay in various types of square, quadrant, round hay bales and small bales.We supply horse hay , cattle hay and hay for sheep and goats.
  • Alternative Bedding products for Horses & poultry, we are stockists of Bedwell bedding products.
  • Silage – round baled silage
  • Haylage – in various sized bales.
  • Forage products – fodder beet, whole crop silage and maize silage, can be sourced.
  • Haulage – agricultural and general haulage, please contact us with your haulage requirements.
  • Agricultural contract baling using Claas Quadrant Square Balers and a Vicon Round Baier.